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Stay Cozy in Style with Our Hoodie Blankets

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Cusomized Hooded Blankets In Bulk For Your Business In UK

Express yourself by adding personal touches—be it patterns, images, or messages.

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  • Send design and Purchasing details to us
  • Get Quotation for reference
  • Confirm the mock-up or Samples
  • Make bulk order and bulk Production
  • Ship the goods to your Address
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Welcome To The  Professional HomeTextile Manufacturer


We offer a comprehensive range of services, including printed blankets manufacturing, customization, brand collaboration, OEM, ODM, as well as discounts, product photography, and high commissions. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Save Up With Discount 10~30%

As the number of products in the order increases, the discount percentage also increases.  the more money you can save!

Production Time: 2-3 Days

48Hours for sample(2~3 days for mass order) Beign to produce Soon.

Free Vector Artwork 70 Million

Free over 70 millions vector images ensure you get the satisfactory design for your project.

Free Shipping 5~7 Working Days

Free shipping but not including duty: offers free shipping By International Express(>20pcs) contact Customer Service (<20pcs)

Special Offers A special service to encourage you to join us or get in touch.
We provide clear comparisons of market prices, savings, and lead times, setting us apart from other factories.

Our Advantages

  • Product Development and Manufacturing:
    From beach towels, blankets, bags to picnic mats, we offer high-quality product development and manufacturing services.
  • Brand Collaboration: Seeking brand collaboration? We’re ready to be your strategic partner, driving brand growth together.
  • High Commissions:
    Through our partner program, you’ll earn generous commissions and additional rewards.
  • OEM and ODM:

    Whether you need Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services, we can meet your requirements.

  • Custom Design:
    We provide personalized product design to ensure your brand stands out in the market.
  • Wholesale and Discounts:
    We provide special offers and discounts for wholesale customers to ensure maximum cost-efficiency.

Custom Hoodie Blankets – Personalization Options

Embark on a personalized journey to create a one-of-a-kind hoodie blanket that reflects your style and individuality. Our customization process is designed to unleash your creativity and deliver a wearable masterpiece tailored just for you.

1. Design Exploration:

Begin your journey by exploring our diverse collection of exclusive hoodie designs. From trendy graphics to timeless patterns, find the design that resonates with your unique style. Dive into a spectrum of hues, ensuring that your design and overall look align with your personal preferences.

custom hoodie blanket with size

2. Size Tailoring and Fabric Comfort:

Select the perfect size for your hoodie blanket, catering to your comfort preferences. Indulge in the comfort of choice by exploring different hoodie materials. Whether you crave the plush feel of sherpa , the warmth of flannel, the comfort of teddy fleece, or the softness of minky, customize your hoodie blanket with the material that perfectly aligns with your comfort preferences.

3. Front and Back Storytelling:

Elevate your customization journey by adding unique elements to both the front and back of your hoodie blanket. Tell your story from every angle with designs that extend across the entire garment.

4. Pocket Personalization:

Enhance functionality and style by customizing pocket placement and design. Choose from classic kangaroo pockets or explore alternative arrangements to suit your aesthetic and practical needs.

custom hoodie blanket with pocket
personalised hoodie blanket with label

5. Sleeve Expression:

Add a personal touch to the sleeves of your hoodie blanket with various design options. Whether you prefer cuffed, raglan, bell sleeves, or something unique, personalize your hoodie to match your fashion preferences.

6. Signature Labels and Tags:

Make a statement with personalized labels and tags. Add your name, special messages, or significant dates to create a unique finishing touch that adds a personal and sentimental element to your creation.

7. Versatile Styling:

Experience the versatility of our hoodie blankets by exploring different ways to wear them. Transform your hoodie into a traditional style, a stylish wrap, or a cozy blanket, showcasing the adaptability of your customized creation.

hoodie blanket with custom design

8. Interactive Design Studio:

Immerse yourself in the creative process with our user-friendly design studio. Visualize your personalized hoodie blanket in real-time, experimenting with various customization options to ensure your creation is as unique as you envision.If you have other ideas, please contact our email address and our sales staff will communicate with you in time to meet your design needs.

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